Academic Committee

Director :Xuetao Cao  Academician  Professor  Principal (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences )

Vice Director: Yuquan Wei  Academician  Professor  Vice Principal (Sichuan University)

Committee members:

Peizhe Chen  Academician  Professor (National Taiwan University)

Zhifang Cai  Academician  Professor (Soochow University)

Hong Shang  Professor (China Medical University)

Junzhi Wang  Chief Scientist(Nation Institutes for Food and Drug Control)

Wenhua Ling  Professor (Sun Yat-sen University)

Tangchun Wu  Professor (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Hongbing Shen  Professor (Nanjing Medical University)

Jinming Li  Professor (Peking Union Medical College)

Jiahuai Han  Academician  Professor  Vice Principal (Xiamen University)

Xiaoyuan Chen  Professor (NIH/ Xiamen University)

Ningshao Xia  Professor (Xiamen University)